Bridge Club – Hurricane Conditions

This turned up yesterday over on

Twelveheads, Drakewalls, Kew Foot, Mortlake, everybody talkin’ ’bout Paul’s Bonnie.

Though falling short of the ideal in his appreciation of things Meriden the Eternal Optometrist has at last found a T140 up with which he can put. This one’s an 810 c.c. and goes like fun I am told. His the glorious italics.

In a ‘hands-across-the-counties’ show of solidarity, we ignored the rain and Meriden’d forth.


Kingston bridge was, until 1729, the ONLY river crossing between London Bridge and Staines Bridge, hence the importance of Kingston-upon-Thames.

The new rear light is a more recent addition:


382 feet long, it was widened in 2000 and has been listed, a Grade II* structure. That’s the bridge, not the bolide, of course.


The new and fatter tyres and smaller light have transformed the stance of the Hurrifraud and left me with a dilemma. I planned to sell this one, but really enjoy riding it, despite it being a…..Triumph.

There will be cleaning, lots of cleaning.

A Tutto Gas

Pannus de Grisanto



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