The Bridge Club is a multi-media resource dedicated to riding motorcycles over, under or near bridges. Or just motorcycles. Or just bridges.
Bridge Club is the home of the slow motorcycling movement, no point rushing a good jaunt is there?

Do join us if you’ve a mind to, this the rule of seven locally applied.


One: Join the Owners’ Club

Two: Wheels good.

Three: Castles and bridges can be quite interesting.

Four: Outside Cornwall bikes are optional.

Five: 55 really is quite fast in some circumstances.

Six: Just a Number

Seven: If there’s a ‘Y ‘in the day then the bridge itself is optional.


A Spans Across The Water Production by TSP Realisations for Channel D.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your posts on FB. Almost always have to look at the link. Any chance of posting a map link for those of us from a distance (California) and not always familiar with the location of each bridge/posting? Tho my favorite roads to travel in the UK are the “C” ;^) roads and I’ll make a point to take some bridge pictures when I’m there later this year. Cheers, Barry

    • Morning Barry, I’m struggling with the technicalities of posting a map link on WordPress and will persevere. The Bridge Club Archive (which uses the Googleblogger system) contains “quite a few” maplinks. http://thebridgeclub2011.blogspot.co.uk/?view=flipcard

      In sense though “inspirational Cornwall, come here and get lost” remains a moving principle in Bridge Club!

      Thanks for your kindness.

  2. I fully understand the comment; “inspirational Cornwall, come here and get lost” Have been there 3-4 times and love it! So maybe not post a map link but maybe a better hint of location so I could try to find them on a map? In late summer 1976 I hitched the coast from Minehead to Torquay and later met friends who lived in Ashton (near Helston) who toured us around in 1983. Also, to confirm, could I post bridges from anywhere (US, UK, other) from the perspective of having been there with my motorcycle? Would love to if allowed. I think the concept is brilliant! I wonder if I have a log in….

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