130129 Pons Iesou and the Industrial Common Ownership Movement

Grinning like The Cheshire Cat I took Rufus The Co-op Bonnie to visit some old haunts. The Harley, the Velocette and the Trophy 500 have all seen these sights during Rufus’ enforced idleness and were happy to stop behind under their old bedsheets.

4 pons DSC07074 (1)

Bullfeathers, this simple truth is that even after four decades of motorcycling even I can only ride one bike at a time. Mind you the insurance company is happy to take that into account.

5 pons DSC07079 (1)

Any road, ‘ey-up, and so on, here we are at Panters Bridge and here’s some stuff from the extensive Bridge Club archives.

“Jesus Bridge – I remain confused about Jesus Bridge. From what Henderson says the refreshed twelfth century travellers would have crossed the causey at Pounds Cawnse near Peverell’s Cross (between Blisland and Fawyton). This crossing may have been known as Ponteisou (pons Iesou) or Jesus Bridge.

“On the other hand Henderson also says that Panters Bridge a few miles further south is also called Pontwise, possibly a corruption of Pont Iesu (Jesus Bridge).

“After a decade (or is it two?) of Popular Archaeology with Channel 4’s Time Team Map Hendra (the name Charles  Henderson took when he became a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd) is a pure joy, if he speculates he tells the audience he’s speculating.

“With Charles Henderson there is no saying “We know” when we jolly well don’t know but wish to pretend to knowledge and excitement. Top man.”

From – http://thebridgeclub2011.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/111128-bedalder-medhalder-or-warleggan.html

3 pons DSC07067 (1)

Mucked about pic on the next hyperlink of the Harley on Panters Bridge, on another damp morning in paradise.


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