What do you think this is?


Once again it’s time to ask collective experience of the internet, “What do you think this is?”


According to the Bridge Club Archive Ebay Eric and Velton over on ikba.co.uk went straight to the heart of the last Plushabridge Club Challenge and I do hope someone out there will recognise this silver artefact and send in some details of this small silver cylinder with a spring-loaded pusher at its closed end.


More here … http://thebridgeclubfive.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/what-do-you-think-this-is.html?view=flipcard

1DSC03597 (1)


2 thoughts on “What do you think this is?

  1. To my eyes the maker’s mark might read ‘SM&Co’, the lion means british silver, and the crown sheffield, but the date letter is hard to read. I

  2. Excellent, two of the more knowledgeable O.G.s think it’s a tobacco tamper which would originally have had a set of interchangeable heads for different sizes of pipe bowls.

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