It’s crunch time in the kitchen



On the eve of Waitangi Day, which many Kiwis regard as the nation’s birthday, I (Mr DW)  thought that I would create a little slice of Kiwiana heaven here in New York. Unlike a NY slice, this one appeals to the sweet tooth. More Anglophile than our Aussie neighbours, we Kiwis love tea, coffee and cakes and slices (an antipodean sweet treat of a shortbread cookie base with a thick  flavoured icing). That little slice of heaven I’m making tonight? Ginger crunch; ginger flavoured shortbread with a buttery, ginger icing.

As a couple we’ve become so obsessed with ginger crunch that our first port of call on the drive home from Auckland airport is a non-descript motorway cafe in the Bombay Hills. It’s only then, after a flat white and a ginger crunch, that we know we’re home. That box ticked, the rest of our home leave is spent downing flat…

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