130728 Lovely stuff from other people


Didn’t you all do well?

Thank you.

What about that Veloce?

67803_673792895971331_79509963_n 529540_10151687678541102_233177313_n 534669_517621918263057_116971648_n 556969_624595387559455_53315538_n 600599_681061721911115_1550591107_n 969927_614675588557232_1225163003_n 970072_571532062896907_1551969043_n 993599_10151571315353248_1302737368_n 1001812_10151588047108791_1079988272_n 1002873_10151807182565628_1217173225_n 1002984_615961145095343_164853770_n 1003096_386579304779698_77310627_n 1003316_10200334939909172_2133103086_n 1005092_10201667497068412_1052160955_n 1044492_407688412678822_1697073327_n 1069258_611297402228384_1138868168_n 1069360_624215637597430_657785180_n 20130709_motorparade alex in japan cake IMG_1549-L crofthandy13071003 eqcmyr Harley-Davidson-Sportster-Custom Harley-Davidson-Sportster-Custom- Harley-Davidson-Sportster-Custom-00 Harley-Davidson-Sportster-Custom-01 HR Bosworth Field 049_zps3097d8f1 HR Bosworth Field 050_zpsd35205e4 HR Bosworth Field 051_zps7dcd190d HR Bosworth Field 052_zps0d0e5bde HR Bosworth Field 053_zpsd1cdbb60 HR Bosworth Field 054_zps8418a740 HR Bosworth Field 058_zps74e92190 HR Bosworth Field 059_zpsb93ecee5 HR Bosworth Field 060_zpsbb881445 HR Bosworth Field 062_zps7989e3fa HR Bosworth Field 063_zpsbdadd7bd HR Bosworth Field 064_zpsf387bd1e HR Bosworth Field 065_zps6850b6dc HR Bosworth Field 067_zps067ac0f5 HR Bosworth Field 068_zps6b748a18 mcq9mx nz 992982_10151595912229064_396218559_n nz 1044073_10151595911674064_892901546_n poster_around_the_world 11472_543676442357197_1640729605_n

4 thoughts on “130728 Lovely stuff from other people

  1. Thanks for adding a fair amount of the photos I took recently at Bosworth Battle field museum Leicestershire .

    • Mike, thank you for the pictures which brightened my day. I hope you approve of my preserving them on here before they fell of the end of the ikba.co.uk message scroll never to return.

      Mrs NVNL was particularly taken with the SS80 BTW.

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