130726 You meet the nicest horses in a ford

9DSC09980 (1)

Back to this clapper, U.E.C.B. and ford set under Trekennick for the promised bike-in-ford-photographed-under-two-bridges shot. See – http://thebridgeclub2011.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/130521-drying-like-tyre-in-sun.html .

3DSC09999 (1)

And look who I met! Charming pair out enjoying the summer.

9DSC00013 (1) 8DSC00006 (1) 7DSC09992 (1) 7DSC09977 (1) 7DSC00018 (1) 6DSC00022 (1) 5DSC09988 (1) 5DSC09983 (1) 4DSC09978 (1) 3DSC00025 (1) 3DSC00017 (1) 2DSC09985 (1) 2DSC00010 (1) 9DSC09999 (1)

You meet the nicest people and horses in a ford.


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