130719 Henderson puts his finger on it

4DSC09876 (1)

As so often previously Bridge Club is mightily obliged to Charles Henderson writing in 1928 –

“Old Bridges have never been without their devoted admirers, and at the present time too much cannot be done to increase public interest in them. Modern traffic has become so exacting in its demands and old bridges are usually so out of place on modern highways, that one by one they will be swept away. We have not even the consolation that their concrete successors will one day be also beautiful.”

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2 thoughts on “130719 Henderson puts his finger on it

  1. Well spotted Mr S. On the steam wireless recently I heard Ned Sherrin telling the tale of a New York newspaper theatre critic who, having to write up a very long-running Broadway hit for the umpti-third time simply gave the verse reference just as you have.

    Apparently this verse reads “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.”

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