130717 I left my shoes and socks there, I wonder if they’re dry

Schools will be breaking up directly so this is a good time to take a peek at Seaton while the traffic is still light.

2DSC09865 (1)

Here’s a little something from Charles Henderson’s 1928 work “Old Cornish Bridges And Streams” –

The little River Seaton, formerly Seythin , like the Tiddy rises under Caradon Hill, skirts Liskeard and passes Lansethen [i.e. Nans Sethin] until it reaches Menheniot, then flowing South by Hessenford, it empties itself into the sea at Deviock Pool or Seaton, after a course of 12 miles.  … There was once a small Haven at Seaton. A Trelawny manuscript of 1508 states “There belongs to the Manor of Devyock the fishing on the river of Seythin. There are at Devyock Poolecertain fisher boats which by custom pay yearly to the Lord of the Manor 12d. each which is called Haven Fish.

The name Seythin may derive from the Welsh Sidin [= Winding].

2DSC09864 (1)

The nearest Domesday entry is Trelowia – http://domesdaymap.co.uk/place/SX2956/trelowia/ – in the Hundred of Fawton (or Fawyton) 2 households, 10 acres of pasture, 10 acres of woodland but neither sheep nor wild mares.

So there we are.

This just in from Spike Milligan – http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/i-must-go-down-to-the-sea-again/


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