e2eSlowly, morning, the first day

1DSC08754 (1)

The day dawned bright and clear. Several hours later I began preparing to meet up with the e2eSlowly Team as they motored gently through Cornwall on the first day of their Land’s End to John O’Groats jaunt to raise funds for the British Red Cross Society.

The idea was to meet them near the crematorium around 9:15 and to turn up on a machine under 200cc and over 25 years old. I wheeled the 1960 Little Engine Velocette out of the Eclectic Shed and gave it the once-over.

1DSC08757 (1)

At 8:00 I heard from Phil Speakman, and mistaking the message decided to take the 1969 500cc Triumph and wait for them at Mitchell instead. Billy Elliot.

1DSC08759 (1)

Many Bank Holiday Mondays have been whiled away by dual carriageways with broken down bikes, cars, vans, even vans with bikes in them. Waiting is second nature to me just as it is to Siddhartha.

1DSC08763 (1)

Are they nearly here yet?

1DSC08769 (1)

Are they nearly here yet?

1DSC08772 (1)

Are they nearly here yet?

Eventually Phil rang me from Lanivet, about fifteen miles nearer Scotland than I was. Eventually I tucked in behind the pack at Trewint and followed them to Plusha for a fuel stop and a natter. Let’s face it the LE wouldn’t have caught up nearly so soon.

1DSC08775 (1)

1DSC08782 (1)

Phil was very pleased with the fuel economy from his MZ

1DSC08784 (1) 1DSC08793 (1) 1DSC08797 (1) 1DSC08802 (1) 1DSC08804 (1)

1DSC08807 (1)

A Yamaha Townmate, anyone else remember how the late Paul Hulme (Prof) used to sing their praises?

1DSC08810 (1)

I was very pleased with my Triumph’s ability to chase down slow-moving traffic.

1DSC08812 (1)

Thence along the A30 over the border into England where they turned onto the old A30 for Okehampton and points North and I headed home over Polson, Trekelland and Berrio Bridges.

Peter Henshaw will be writing the trip up for MCN and Roger Bibbings will (I hope) soon present us with an illustrated account of his parents’ 1952 holiday to Avignon and back two up on a Mark ll LE.

Well done and God’s (Gentle) Speed to one and all. Good to see a brolly on a bike.


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