130504 Veglias and vaguely about Ixion

1IxDSC08213 (1)

A couple of decades ago, about the time I bought this, my third Meriden 750, I attended a baptism in this church at St Wenn.

Back then I’d never heard of the famous father of motorcycling Ixion  I’m *fairly sure*.

2IxDSC08209 (1)

Suffice to say Ixion was the pen name of Basil Henry Davies who was installed as Vicar of St Wenn 23/1/16.

2IxDSC08206 (1)

Excellent article by Dave Minton here – http://www.realclassic.co.uk/books/booksixion.html

2IxDSC08205 (1)

A little from the Bridge Club Archive – http://thebridgeclub2011.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/111023-headless-in-east-wivelshire.html


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