Martin in the U.S.A.’s “Open House and M/C show”

From over on where Martin recently entertained us all with this –


A local sales store had their Open House last weekend. The weather was great so there was a good turnout. Here are some pictures.

First, some American iron.

1944 Indian Military Scout

 001 DSCN0540


1914 Indian 8 valve Boardtrack racer

 002 DSCN0536

Some Harley’s I wouldn’t want

003 DSCN0550


This one, either

004 DSCN0545


Now we’re talking! I like this one.

005 DSCN0547


Some Japanese

008 DSCN0533 006 DSCN0549 007 DSCN0539


1975 Yamaha Street Tracker (road legal!)


009 DSCN0544

I think this is assembled by a company here in the States

010 DSCN0548

Fancy some Italian fare?

012 DSCN0543 011 DSCN0541


1958 Isomoto 125cc

013 DSCN0535

1973 MV Agusta 750 Sport

014 DSCN0537


Now for the British.

1924 Scott Flying Squirrel

 015 DSCN0534

T120 (dry)

016 DSCN0532

1970 Triumph Lyster “LaBelle” 800cc racer

017 DSCN0530


1971 Rickman Royal Enfield Intercepter

018 DSCN0529


1966 Norton Atlas Cafe Racer

019 DSCN0531

Another I really like!! 1967 BSA Spitfire Scrambler

020 DSCN0538


The only German I snapped. 1979 R 100 Cafe Racer

021 DSCN0542

Now for something completely different.

022 DSCN0551


That’s all, Folks!001 DSCN0540


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