Burn O Vat

Today a visit to Burn O Vat to see the water and granite – ground hole that it is. Difficult to know how long the graffiti has been there, granite is so hard.  Back at the visitor centre what looked to be a heavy sycamore seed twirled down to the ground and it was a bat. Brown long-eared perhaps? Rabies in bats is rare but it seemed ill and needed to be moved from the path of labradors in search of a snack. He climbed on quite happily, fingers crossed it was a bad bug. Meanwhile the whippet got bored and struck an athletic pose. Impressive. Popped back later in the loan car. A great day.





2 thoughts on “Burn O Vat

  1. Thanks for this Dave. Once upon a time a noctule bat fell to earth in our garden. The local Bat Group came round with meal worms and advice and the bat recovered.

  2. Had I had the thought I would have done the same. A mate in the know suggests the cold weather may be starving them of bugs. I now realise with horror no bike or bridge but fox shots of today have asuaged my guilt.

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