130429 Village Sign Club

Over on ikba.co.uk “Village Sign Club” is the latest thing.

2DSC08353 (1)

Ever keen for a bit of vintage site seeing I took a trundle on the Trophy in search of Trevague, a striking place name if ever there was one.

Confession time, not for the first time I failed to find Trevague.

The sign at the eastern end of the lane pointed west to Trevague, and the sign at the western end of the lane pointed east to Trevague. I rode the mile and a half between them east to west without finding a village, hamlet or farmstead called Trevague.

1DSC08346 (1) 7DSC08394 (1)

Nothing daunted I stopped at this delightful clapper and ford set again. While there I decided the stream *must be* the River Lynher.

6DSC08389 (1) 6DSC08385 (1) 5DSC08376 (1) 5DSC08373 (1) 4DSC08366 (1) 3DSC08362 (1) 3DSC08357 (1) 2DSC08355 (1)

On the way home I stopped to water the horses near Draynes Bridge only to discover this witty signage.

9DSC08406 (1)

No county for old men

9DSC08405 (1)

And to think I could have spent the afternoon in a fluorescent-lit conference room listening to ever more destructive plans for spending public money.


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