e2e Slowly for the British Red Cross

The British Red Cross and riding little old bikes on minor roads?


Read on …



<<“e2e Slowly” is a unique motorcycling challenge the aim of which is to ride the length of Britain (End to End) to fundraise for the Red Cross

To help fundraise for the British Red Cross (BRC) during Red Cross Week’  2013     (5th to 11th May) I am undertaking the e2e slowly challenge which will involve riding  my 1979 TS150 MZ motorcycle from Land’s End to John O Groats using mainly minor roads (no Motorways), carrying all camping gear, tools and necessary supplies (except water and petrol) and receiving no outside material assistance. There will be no backup vehicle.

​The principles of the e2e slowly challenge​

Demonstrate ingenuity through planning and preparation;
Test personal resilience and mechanical reliability;
Demonstrate self sufficiency; and
Highlighting the work of the Red Cross.​

I am inviting other riders to join e2e slowly using motorcycles of under 200c and over twenty five years old. If they want to follow my particular challenge and also support the Red Cross that would be great – although anyone who wants to join in on whatever machine they choose and on their own terms – whether fund raising or not – would be welcome.>>

Website here – http://www.e2eslowly.org/

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