130420 Demelza Mill and the Canons of Bodmin

Here we are at Demelza Mill near Withiel.

3demDSC08222 (1)

According to the Domesday Book Withiel was in the Hundred of Rialton whose name echoes into modern times in the title of the nearby Royalton Mine.

In 1066 and 1086 alike the Domesday Book gives the Lord of Withiel as the canons of Bodmin St Petroc, the place was good for two dozen sheep and had a taxable value of one geld unit.

Bridge Club is obliged to Britannica.com for this note on canons – (a) moment [sic] began in the 12th century when new forms of religious life burst on the scene, especially among monks and those priests who endeavoured to live like monks (the canons). The major schools of 12th-century mysticism were inspired by new trends in monastic piety, especially those introduced by Anselm of Canterbury.

3demDSC08220 (1)

The photos do not do Demelza Mill justice, je reviens.

3demDSC08226 (1)


3demDSC08216 (1)


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