130417 Alexandra leaving – Landmark Challenge Part One

For the most part riding for the sake of riding is the best riding, however from time to time a sense of purpose imposes itself despite one’s best effortlessness.

The other day the Big Butch Harley took me for a trundle over to Monty’s Classics at Mill Hill to source a few 650 Triumph parts for the project I am helping (!) my friend with. A ride with a purpose.

On the way I looked in at Plushabridge Superbikes to ask Rob Blake, Moto Cross Champion, if he knew anyone how might turn out to view the Cornish leg of the Gaffers’ Gallop 2013. A ride with two purposes.

Throughout I took some snaps for the Thistledown Landmark Challenge 2013. Kinthuggery, a ride with three purposes .

I ally myself to purposeless riding and the whole thing evaporates. So much for the simplicities of pleasure.

We know a song about that, don’t we?


Without further ado, here are the pics:-

1 Blue – a pair of Blue ‘Uns waiting for their riders

1 blueDSC08095 (1)

2 Chrome – no, Big Lad, I don’t like polishing either

2 chromeDSC08099 (1)

3 Black and White – Boots the three-legged cat enjoying a snooze

3 bwDSC08082 (1)

3 Black and White – Boots awakes

3 bwDSC08089 (1)

6 Yellow – and a packet of blue Rizlas please

6 yellowDSC08097 (1)

7 Nature – Somewhere near Linkinhorne, nature red in tooth and claw

7 natureDSC08104 (1)

9 Energy – those tubes are heating my bath water

9 energyDSC08093 (1)

10 Technology – Monty recommending an electronic ignition kit for the T120

10 technologyDSC08114 (2)

11 Information – and here are the opening times for Plushabridge Superbikes

11 infoDSC08101 (1)


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