130401 Horse, gorse, of course

Back across Goonzion on the T100C this time, a little earlier in the afternoon.

A horse grazing on gorse is always an intriguing sight, all those thorns and such small flowers. No doubt they are full of nectar though.

Not only did the grazers stand for photos but two of their little pals came over to check my pockets and nuzzle the 20/50 on my hands.

My own horses would not do this, and my guess is that if they ever did nuzzle my hands I’d end up with broken fingers.

Moral: if you want to photograph these horses grazing gorse turn up before the afternoon feed.

As in comedy and ignition, timing is everything.

8DSC07944 (1) 0featDSC07921 (1) 1DSC07934 (1) 2DSC07904 (1) 2DSC07955 (1) 3DSC07907 (1) 3DSC07911 (1) 3DSC07929 (1) 4DSC07914 (1) 4DSC07946 (1) 4DSC07951 (1) 6DSC07927 (1) 7DSC07948 (1)


8 thoughts on “130401 Horse, gorse, of course

  1. Great photographs – I guess they’re eating gorse because there’s no grass – the horses look pretty skinny. The cold weather here in Scotland means that the grass hasn’t started growing yet. Our horse, Fritz, is out all day but I give him two barrows of hay each day when he comes in.

    • In fact, they’ll eat gorse as a delicacy even when there is grass, but there’s not much grass at the moment.

      Two barrowloads? Luxury!

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