130330 Simple and lovely – Cardinham Water

1DSC07763 (1)

Simple crossing below Cardinham.

In 1066 Cardinham may well have been in the Hundred of Fawton, the nearest Domesday Book entry is for Trezance the Lord was Alwin who had been replaced by Richard, son of Turolf by 1086 when Trezance was good for (among other things) 3 cattle, 35 sheep, 8 goats and 1 wild mare.

Wild, wild horses.


More on Cardinham here – http://thebridgeclub2011.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=cardinham

2DSC07777 (1) 4DSC07780 (1) 5DSC07760 (1) 6DSC07768 (1)








6DSC07783 (1)


Furthermore The National Archives website goes to the trouble of recording that the Domeday name of Trezance was Thersent and that the following persons were name in the folio – Aelfgifu; Aelfric; Algar; Almaer; Alnoth; Alric; Alwine; Beorhtmaer; Beorhtric; Beorhtweald; Cynestan; Eadmaer; Earl Harold; Edward; Esbiorn; Esger; Grim; Leofrun; Maerle-Sveinn; Reginald de Vautortes; Richard fitzTurold; Saewulf; Uhtraed; Walo.

So there we are.


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