130319 A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

As a dyed-in-the-wool Meridenist I aspire to maintain no more than a passing interest in Other Marques, however excellent their models, factories, working practices and advertising departments.

Imagine then my joy at spotting, on my way to the forum for some 6T bits and bobs, this splendidly rare right foot change T120V which seems to date from around April 1972 or thereafter . The distinguishing feature being that the seat rails are welded to the oil-bearing frame about three inches lower than had previously been the case as part of a package of measures designed to produce a reasonable and comfortable seat height.

0feature T120VDSC07635 (1)

If you want to know more on this subject a peek at Wilson, R.S.B.’s  book “Triumph T120/T140 Bonneville” will set you on your way.

And yes, the bike in the pic has been converted to 750.

And behind the lovely Bonnie is an equally lovely D-reg Suzuki Super Six, a real quarter litre flyer, which looks very original to my untutored eye, and goes like a bomb according to its knowledgeable owner.

2DSC07641 (1)

I shall now share with you lieber Leser oder liebe Leserin one of the very few things I know about Suzukis in Britain, until 1965 they were supplied to the dealer network from the James factory at Golden Hillock Road in Brum.

5DSC07638 (1) 3DSC07646 (1) 8DSC07648 (1)

3 thoughts on “130319 A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

  1. The Triumph looks to be in need of some TLC, but good to see it out & about. A little oil on the chain would be good & a little more use of the front disc, perhaps? The Almost A65s think that the Trumpet is Ruggedly Butch, though, especially with it having a proper gear change arrangement. The three of us agree that it would be shameful to “restore” it too soon.
    Suzi is an unknown to me, but it must be quite unusual by now.

  2. Seems like the Triumph has had a hard life, apart from the engine the forks & fuel tank are from a 750 as well. IMHO the 650 is a nicer engine than the 750.

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