130303 Chillin’

To Louis Tearoom this morning for the March “Informal Gathering” hosted by Cornwall VMCC.


It was a many-are-chilled-but few-are-frozen sort of event and on the way over the choices were between riding slowly to minimise the windchill and riding a little faster to get it over and done with.


On the way home the speedo cable broke. That’ll teach me not to ride by the instruments.


Despite the cold many were out to celebrate the fact that it has not rained for a bit.


Here are pics of just a few –

02DSC07514 (1) 03DSC07516 (1) 04DSC07519 (1) 05DSC07522 (1) 06DSC07524 (1) 06DSC07528 (1) 07DSC07531 (1) 08DSC07533 (1) 09DSC07535 (1) 10DSC07536 (1) 11DSC07540 (1) 12DSC07542 (1) 13DSC07545 (1) 14DSC07549 (1) 15DSC07550 (1) 16DSC07553 (1) 17DSC07557 (1) 18DSC07559 (1) 18DSC07563 (1) 19DSC07566 (1) 21DSC07565 (1) 21DSC07571 (1) 22DSC07577 (1) 22DSC07580 (1) 23DSC07582 (1) 24DSC07584 (1) 25DSC07588 (1) 25DSC07591 (1) 26DSC07594 (1) 27DSC07597 (1) 28DSC07600 (1) 29DSC07604 (1) 30DSC07606 (1) 00featureDSC07610 (1) 01DSC07512 (1)


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