130224 Devon Eyre

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Druxton Bridge over that great water, the Tamar, where the Hundred Court assembled in 1370. The King’s Justices came down to Launceston (or a town near you) on great visitations called Eyres, juries were sent by Hundreds. Round here we sometimes had only six jurors, but I think twelve was the norm.

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This from Charles Henderson, The Church regarded Bridge building as a pious work and ecclesiastics were exceedingly generous in their gifts to bridges. Sometimes, however, they stood out on a matter of principle, as in 1370 when the Tithing-man of Werrington tried to force the Prior of Launceston to repair the tiny bridge over Tala Water at Boleputte (now Bullapit). The Prior refused the matter to the Hundred Court of Black Torrington and the High Sheriff of Devon ordered the Bailiff to assemble a jury and hold an inquest. The venue was Durkeston Brugge, now Druxton Bridge, near Bullapit, and there, to the music of the fleeting Tamar, witness after witness gave his testimony until the Sheriff was obliged to acquit the Prior of all liability.

The above gleaned by Henderson from the Launceston Cartulary, more on Boleputte later, as you’ve already guessed.

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As to this winter morning in 2013 the cutwaters had collected a fair bit of timber, there were fresh hoof prints in the mud down to the ford and audible shotgun fire from Werrington way.

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nota bene This area above the Attery has been regarded by some as in Devon. (see Bridge Club Archive) it’s in Cornwall now.


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