130223 Martin’s flat tracker pictures

Martin, who lives in the USA and has the knack of seeking and finding, posted these on http://www.ikba.co.uk a few days ago.

IKBA operates a conveyor belt system which reduces clutter by dropping posts into the great void after a week or so. Thus are many things lost from the interweb.

So, with Martin’s permission I preserve them here. Over to Martin –



In St. Louis, there is Donelson’s Cycles. They are a long time, family owned BSA and Triumph dealership. They now sell Triumph, Ducati, Yamaha and probably some others as well. The owner’s, Carl and Cathy have a very nice collection of vintage flat track racebikes in the museum section of their dealership. Their son-in-law, Neil Keen was a nationally ranked racer. I suspect he may have been the “in” to their being able to acquire them. It is crowded in there so it is hard to get good pictures. I hope you enjoy these.

1 DSCN0458

2 DSCN0459

3 DSCN0460

4 DSCN0468

5 DSCN0470

6 DSCN0409

7 DSCN0410

8 DSCN0413

9 DSCN0414

10 DSCN0462

11 DSCN0416

12 DSCN0401

13 DSCN0402

14 DSCN0403

15 DSCN0411

19 DSCN0457 18 DSCN0456 17 DSCN0427 16 DSCN0412

20 DSCN0452

21 DSCN0453 22 DSCN0454

23 DSCN0418

24 DSCN0419 26 DSCN0450 25 DSCN0449

28 DSCN0421

Something for Hazel

30 DSCN0425 29 DSCN0424

31 DSCN0422

32 DSCN0423

33 DSCN0475

34 DSCN0476 35 DSCN0478

36 DSCN0471

37 DSCN0472

38 DSCN0473

39 DSCN0474


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