130221 Lerryn

60 DSC07159 (1)

On the River Lerryn (soon to join the Fowey), Lerryn.

In 1928 Henderson gave us this –

At the Creek head near Lerryn village is a pretty old bridge mentioned by Leland in 1535. In 1573 [this from a manuscript at the Bodleian] Queen Elizabeth issued an order to the Bailiff and Constables of the Hundred of West to levy a rate for the erecting and re-edifying of a decayed Bridge calledLaryon Bridge between St Vepe and St Winnow. The present bridge is quite as old as 1573, if not a little older. It has two pointed arches, one larger than the other, springing from imposts. There was a third arch to match the first but it has been removed. The roadway is 9 ½ feet across.

He goes on to say –

There is a pretty bridge of two arches at Couch’s Mill but it is not ancient.


Lerryn Bridge from the Bridge  Club Archive.

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61 DSC07164 (1)

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