130212 Trevor gets about

Water, water everywhere …

We’ve had quite a bit of rain just lately hereabouts but you’d hardly know it in the local creeks.

W6 W7 H3a W1 W2 W3 W4 W5

Burra Creek displays a fine collection of rocks and stones, but no water and no name for the roadway over it.

Frys Creek is a little larger and happily exhibits a small quantity of aqua between the rocks and stones. What’s more the bridge carries a name, hoorah!

Finally, this structure juts out over a man-made dam. Why? It’s on very private property, made very clear, so couldn’t find anyone to ask.

Blistering day; didn’t stay out long before popping home for a thirst quencher.

Dirty Jane

Does Dirty Jane really deliver?


With a back tyre like this I have my doubts.


H1 H2

43 cranky horsepower meets 7 calm equines.

Bong Bong picnic races in the Southern Highlands, once abandoned due to poor crowd behaviour (35,000 of them), are especially popular with Sydney-siders escaping the summer humidity in the big smoke.

With a ‘saddle’ height of nearly 35″ (885mm), and depending on the camber of the road, I often step on the pegs to mount the bike.

Mounting blocks are rare in Australia. Here’s one by the postern gate set into the basalt garden wall of this fine piece of colonial architecture built in 1858. The coach house and groom quarters are now a small gallery. I couldn’t find the hitching post reputed to be hereabouts.


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