Which crank is this?

Current thinking is that this is a Triumph Unit 650 crank which needs only light repairs.

Opinions are invited as to which engines it will fit and who could undertake necessary fettling.

Answers in the “Comments” box please.

7 DSC07370 (1) 6 DSC07366 (1) 5 DSC07363 (1) 4 DSC07359 (1) 3 DSC07354 (1) 2 DSC07351 (1)


2 thoughts on “Which crank is this?

  1. It was a 650 Triumph crank.Early;maybe ’59-’62.Major damage on drive-side splines (1/2 worn away).Undersize timing-side mainshaft (punched all over to “fix”,OK for 5 minutes).Extra stress raisers drilled at sludge plug (where they break).Hardly worth the expense of crack-testing,with other repairs and a regrind to follow.The flywheel looks OK.

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