130208 Rather coarse

It having been decided that the correct alternator wiring sleeve nut for my pal’s ’64 T120 was not readily available UKside I thought the project was in for quite a fallow period.

3DSC07259 (1)

Not so! Rejoice! When I arrived for this week’s Two Old Gents Try To Remember How Things Go Together Session the blanking nut had been to visit a lathe user and now had a nice round longitudinal hole. Spot on.

4DSC07272 (1)

The only remaining challenge was to get the sleeved wires on the Wassell stator to go in the ‘ole. The blanking sleeve nut (presumably from some long forgotten season when the engine was raced with a total loss battery and coil ignition system) was quite slim relative to a correct sleeve nut.

5DSC07275 (1)

Easy challenge to rise to, hey presto all done in tasteful pink heat-shrink sleeving.

6DSC07289 (1)

Fingers crossed.

Naturally I had a later alternator wiring sleeve nut, but it had a UNC thread, rather coarse. No doubt it’ll come in for something later.

8 unc DSC07335 (1)


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