130203 D3 Bantam at Waite, Rose & Taylor

A little something for freddy54

7 DSC07223 (1)

This is more Waitrose than M&S, a D3 BSA Bantam going about its owner’s business.

6 DSC07217 (1)

8 DSC07220 (1)

By the cheese counter in an exclusive interview for The Bridge Club the owner himself revealed that the bike has a 150cc barrel, electronic ignition and runs utterly reliably using synthetic two stroke oil, proving that it doesn’t belong in the Waitrose Memory Store.

9 Odney___jubilee_garden_party_1964___seated_centre_at_Lord_Shackleton_Mrs_OB_Miller_Mrs_A_M_Ward_Jackson_and_Mr_Cecil_Hunter_s

Olive oil tin’s a nice touch, don’t you think?

For more heart-warming Supermarket finds see – http://thebridgeclub2011.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/120118-hondas-his-hers-and-heart.html


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