130128 A bollard of West Wivelshire

A little something for our friends at “Bollards of London” .12 DSC07056 (1)

Firmly at the foot of the learning curve as far as bollards go I feel safe to say but little. This fine iron piece keeps twin-track vehicles out of the motorcycle park near Pig Meadow Lane in Liskeard.

The bollard bears the Duchy Coat of Arms (sans motto). As you all know the fifteen bezants stand for the ransom paid to the Saracens for the release of the Duke during the Crusades. Bezant being a mediaeval term for a gold coin of the Byzantine Empire.

Tell that to young people today and see where it gets you.

3 thoughts on “130128 A bollard of West Wivelshire

  1. Love the bollard and the history lesson, ta. Rufus looks grand; fresh, keen, ready! Like its owner ;~) Personally, I wouldn’t dangle my handbag on the front forks, specially when there’s a rear rack, but hey it’s your bike and you’ll go your own way, as always. Triffic, well done that man, TvR.

    • Aha! The swag bag is delicately weighted and contains just the right assortment of arsenic and old lace to keep the front end “planted” and wheelies to an acceptable minimum.

      Anyway, I like to keep the rear carrier for best.

      BTW, did you by any chance hang on to the panniers from your T100C?

  2. T100C, sigh… panniers, sigh…. alas no, the leather panniers were a casualty of selling up and moving, shame eh!

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