130118 Bradman and Bowral

Trevor takes a spin on his new old(ish) bike –


For today’s short ride; 150 kms round trip and 2,400 feet up the escarpment into the highlands, my two objectives were cake and a bridge.



Jambaroo Mountain road snakes up through the Minnamurra rainforest. The high contrast of the bright early sunlight slicing through the shrouded darkness of the trees onto this patchy road surface is a challenge for my eyes.


The single track lane into Burrawang Village is flanked by tall trees welcoming you in.

12 4


My first objective is bagged at the general store. Marly and Susi make the most delicious fruitcake, only to be had hereabouts.


I’d time for a looping detour via Bowral, home of the ‘Don’ . Recent strong winds had damaged the signage a little but all was calm on the oval today.



I veered through the back roads on the northern edge of Robertson to snare the second objective. Not much water flows under the small wooden bridge on Caalong street near where it meets the Kangaloon road, and the dear old thing has clearly seen better days.


Then I tracked back down the mountain homeward, though not by the most direct route.



2 thoughts on “130118 Bradman and Bowral

  1. The solitary faintly motorcycle related item in the Bradman Museum at Bowral is the ancient Villiers powered lawnmower. Its not just any Villiers engine though, its one of the very, very early 269cc jobbies. It’s just the thing to power a proper early vintage belt driver and tonk, tonk, tonk, quietly through Bowral and to show moderns how the Macquarie Pass should be ridden. Ahhhhh, we can all dream, can’t we.

    Cheers, Bob

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