121228 MCH66

Back in Advent “Cat Shed” wanted to check the correct dimensions of the spacers used on a 1969 T100C to keep the MCH66 headlamp in place.


I was reminded of the epigram on the back of an old album cover, “They locked up a man who wanted to rule the whole world. The fools! They locked up the wrong man.”

1 port DSC06769 (1) 2 starboard DSC06772 (1) 2 port DSC06775 (1)

In a very real sense young Mr Shed had picked the wrong man to ask – accurate calibration is not my best thing, as middle age approaches roughly barging sharp eyesight aside.

Anyway, in case it’s helpful here are some smudgy early morning photos.


3 flat id od DSC06792 (1) 6 DSC06807 (1)


Along the way I stumbled upon this excellent web log.




One thought on “121228 MCH66

  1. Thanks very much Richard,the project ‘T100C’ can progress forward……a little bit 😉
    Cat Shed (Andy)

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