SST250 LED Conversion

Ah yes, I remember it well!

Although LEDs hadn’t hit the shops last time I rode one of these.


I decided to go ahead and convert my ’78 SST250 lights to LED. From memory, one of the many problem / annoyances were constantly blowing bulbs, if not because of the poor condition of the electrics, then constant vibration from high-speed riding. I would ride my SST250 to night school and there was rarely any time when all the lights worked correctly all at the same time. As there is limited information about converting small bikes to 12V LED, it took a while to work through the available LED bulbs. In the end I ordered the following from SuperbrightLEDS.

The headlamp bulb remains unchanged, but everything else will be changed. I bought both low and high-intensity 74 LEDs for the tach / speedometer to compare. The 74 LED bulbs fit perfectly in the wiring receptacle. The colour needs to be the same as the lense you are using.

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